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Beauty salon

Online Shop

Set up your online shop for your beauty salon within just a few minutes and become global.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Upload and tag your products, categorize them, mark related services, offer special discounts and extend your reach with Glossiq magazine.

Stock Automation System

Digitalize your stock inventory and automatically connect it with your online shop.

Affiliate Marketing

Extend your sales with the help of influencers and other users that use the platform.


Wish List and Moodboard

Save your favorite beauty care products to your wish list. Make a moodboard and showcase your preferred style.

Air-drop Notifications

Glossiq will automatically send you a notification signaling that the salon you passed has a product on stock that’s on your wish list.

Personalized Offers

Based on your data and history Glossiq will suggest beauty care products personalized for your needs and recommend similar items.

Unique Shopping Experience

Special packages tailored just for you, memberships, gift cards and cash back for selected services and products.

Digitalize your business today.


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